Personnel Administration is a module which stores the details of and related to an employee.

SAP Personnel Numbers (Employee ID's) are completely numeric in nature and have eight digits. ie. they can range from 00000001 to 99999999. In no way, SAP Personnel Number can have a character or alphabet.

The system can be configured in such a way that the numbers are automatically generated (internal number range) or the end user can enter the numbers while hiring an employee (external number range).

If the generation of the Personnel Numbers is internal, decisions to assign the Personnel Number can be made dependent on Company Code(s), Personnel Area(s), Employee Group(s) and Employee Subgroup(s). (Personnel Subarea(s) is not involved in this.)

Apart from generating Personnel Numbers the details of the employees can be stored in a logical way. SAP has grouped the collection of information, and each of this collection is called an infotype. Infotypes are denoted by four digits and have a name against it. Infotypes can range from 0000 to 9999. A few examples of infotypes can be

  1. 0000 - Actions
  2. 0001 - Organizational Assignment
  3. 0002 - Personal Data
  4. 0006 - Addresses

These infotypes may consist only one record for the entire period, may consist different records for multiple periods but may/may not have gaps in between two records.

A few infotypes can be grouped together and recorded as a Personnel Action when there is a notable change regarding an employee relevant to the organization. For example, Hiring is a notable change, and you may need certain information when you hire an employee. All the relevant infotypes are to be captured in Hiring action. That means when you execute Hiring action, each infotype appears on the screen one by one in a sequential order and you can either add data in them or skip them till you reach the last infotype. After you process this infotype, Hiring action is recorded for the employee in the system.

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